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What can be found under ‘Quick Links’?

The Quick Links menu is a collection of sites and functions within AKO/DKO that are designed to never be more than two clicks away.

Quick Links

  • Inside AKO/DKO – Your gateway to the available and upcoming features of AKO.
  • Create a Site – A fast way to access the site creation tools inside AKO.
  • In The Know – A method to quickly share information among otherwise disparate AKO members.
  • Knowledge Networks – Knowledge Networks are AKO’s cross-organizational groups such as the FIRES Knowledge Network.
  • People – A link directly to the advanced people search.
  • Upload File – A link to upload a file from anywhere in the portal.
  • AKO Newsletter Archive – Read through any back issue of The Advisor/AKO Newsletter.
  • Microlink Page – An ultra-condensed version of major communities inside AKO.
  • Recent Activity Page – Click here to see what content the users of AKO have updated recently.


  • CAC Resource Center – The one stop shop for all the information about Common Access Cards as they relate to AKO.
  • My CAC Information – A quick link to the CAC Information page for your account settings.

Army Links

  • Army Business Transformation – The Office of Business Transformation’s page on Lean Six Sigma.
  • Army Home Page – The public facing Army home page.
  • Army Leadership – The Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA) home page inside AKO.
  • Army Posture Statement – A direct link to the Army’s Posture Statement.
  • Suicide Prevention – A direct link to the Army G-1’s Suicide Prevention Program site.
  • The Soldier’s Creed – A link to the Soldier’s Creed.

AKO Tips & Training

  • Portal Training – Information for Portal Users and Administrators to learn more about how to make AKO work for them.
  • Portal Training Requests – This page is for obtaining information about formal training on the AKO/DKO portal.
  • Tips & Tricks Center –
  • Tell CPT AKO – Send a message directly to CPT AKO even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal.
  • Tell 1SG O’Cloud – Send a message directly to 1SG O’Cloud even if it doesn’t seem like a major problem.
  • CPAW – The CPAW is AKO/DKO’s developer conference. Click here for more information about past and future events.

Portal Information

  • About AKO/DKO – A look back at the history of AKO/DKO and its dedication to the mission.
  • Portal Policies & Procedures – AKO’s own guidelines and the regulations we must follow.
  • Portal Updates – A page that collects the previous monthly AKO update notes.

AKO Services

  • AKO Hosting Services – AKO offers hosting services beyond site creation inside AKO itself. Find out more here.
  • AKO Business Process Management (BPM) – Use AKO/DKO to improve your Business Processes. Find out more on this page.
  • AKO Single Sign-On (SSO) – SSO is a method for non-AKO/DKO sites to use our authetication. Click here to find out how to enable it on your site.
  • Army Systems Using SSO – The big list of all the non-AKO/DKO sites that use our authentication.
  • AKO Speed Test – Find out if your connection is fast enough for the full AKO experience.

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