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Go to ‘ https://usasoc-ssl.soc.mil

Choose your ‘DoD EMAIL ‘ Digital Certificate and click ‘ OK ‘ (left). Then enter your PIN and click ‘ OK ‘ (right)

DoD Email Certificate and PIN

Click ‘ Logon ‘ (left), then click ‘ Continue ‘ (right)

Logon and Continue

This (left) window shows up briefly and then is replaced automatically with the DoD warning statement (right). Once you agree with the DoD warning statement, click ‘ OK

SSL VPN “Popup” screen and DoD Warning Statement

Enter your PIN (left) then click ‘ OK ‘ on the message of the day (right)

PIN and Message of the Day

You are now logged into the terminal server. Click ‘ OK ‘ to close the message of the day. From here you can access Outlook to check your mail (with .pst accessibility, unlike OWA which doesn’t support .pst) and login to the USASOC Portal page (https://portal.soc.mil )

Terminal Server Access

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