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Why is AKO so hard to get into?

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Why is AKO/DKO security so tough that it even keeps soldiers out?

AKO/DKO provides world-class security for online information management, digital document storage and email solutions to more than 2.4 million users. By adopting security industry best practices and standards, and with guidance from DoD and Army CIO/G6, AKO/DKO is one of the best defended information systems in the DoD.

AKO/DKO uses two types of two-factor authentication (aka login) for security:

  1. CAC Login or DoD Public Key Infrastructure (PKI): This authentication standard uses your physical common access card (1st factor) and your PIN (2nd factor). This is often referred to as authentication using “something you have” and “something you know.”
  2. Password login with Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA):  This authentication standard uses the typical username and password combination (1st factor), and adds KBA (2nd factor) to defeat a common hacker tool – key-loggers. This can be thought of as “tokenless” two-factor authentication, or “something you know” and “something else you know.”

All of the layers of security are what help keep the AKO/DKO system, and your personal AKO/DKO account secure. Remember, while AKO/DKO uses industry best practices in developing security policies, every one of those policies must adhere to Department of Defense and Army CIO/G6 requirements. Therefore, AKO/DKO goes through continuous certification and accreditation processes for the Departments of the Army and Defense.

Click AKO Security Settings for Internet Explorer for additional security settings you may need to update in your browser.

Click the AKO/DKO Security Posture link to login with your CAC and review the official statement.

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