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What is the Human Resources Command?

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Such is the advancement of technology, there is always more efforts being done to bring database integration into the most-modern possible period. In 2003, the United States Army made the decision to revamp their processing systems by merging both the U.S. Total Army Personnel Command, otherwise known as PERSCOM, and the United States Army Reserve Personnel Command, AR-PERSCOM, to create the current Human Resources Command (HRC).

What does the Human Resources Command do?

Human Resources Command (HRC) is a military agency which serves within the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel. The Human Resources Command was formed to have sole responsibility and control over the Human Resources services and processes of the United States Army.

This means that it takes control of all of the necessary information to make sure of all the personnel who are employed by the United States Army have the necessary information and services available to them – having the one location to turn to for all of your help and problems makes it much easier for the military to keep a track of processing requests and an up-to-date record of all their employees.

What benefits does the Human Resources Command bring?

One of the main advantages of the Human Resources Command is that it gives every soldier an easy location to gain access to and readily manage their entire military career from their first day in training until they retire, through the one body meaning it is much easier to keep long-term service records and important information.

This means all soldiers have full access to fully manage and improve their careers – they have one location to get all of the information they need to show them where they are prevailing and where they have to work upon to improve in the military.

Another big benefit is the streamlines process of data intake that the Human Resources Command deals with. With more than forty separate operations going on within the offices all across the United States, it is responsible from everything from the Military Awards programs to the Wounded Warrior program. It covers so many different operations it helps to keep the military much more organised, so that all soldiers can know where to go should they need assistance.

Where is the Human Resources Command located?

Although there are many different HRC centres across the United Sates, the Human Resources Command recently opened a new Centre of Excellence in Fort Knox, in late 2011. This has moved operations from Alexandria, Indianapolis and St.Louis to make sure that all of the processes in the area are as easy to locate as possible, and so all the information can be accessed from the one, superior location.

Overall, the Human Resources Command offers a much more significant way for the military to organise and improve upon its personnel, maximising efficiency and making task delegation much easier.

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