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What is IPERMS

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Army Interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System (IPERMS)

IPERMS is in form of online database where information related to army is stored in this particular case. It is an online database hence one can easily store and manage records relating to the army .It is involved in storage of files such as transcripts, evaluations, diplomas and any awards that relate to those that are part of the system. Its existence has ensured that the process of stockpiling records in the office has been eradicated in a great way. This form of exercise was very dangerous because the records could easily get lost.

The physical locations that these records were stored could come to harm such as fore and any other hazards. This was very dangerous because it was very expensive to have a backup of those records. Retrieval also posed a great problem hence it is very legible for the military to have IPERMS in place. A person who has authorization to the system can access his/her records from anywhere across the globe hence eliminating the need to go to the physical location to have these records at hand. Technology has sincerely made long strides hence it would be very bad if the army is not modernized in terms of using technology for their day to day activities.

What is IPERMS?

In simple terms, IPERMS has enhanced the whole process in the military such that many departments have been positively affected. Access to services has been so much fast such that one can be able to be served in a more faster and reliable way as compared to the previous methods of doing things. Soldiers can maintain their personal very effectively at their own comfort because this in effect will ensure that the personnel careers are managed very well. This will indeed help those in the administration to monitor the soldiers very well where they can be to carry out decisions because their personal files are online. There are ways that the personal files of the soldiers are maintained.

The soldiers tend to check their files from time to time so as to ensure that the details present are well managed and updated. This has clearly removed the need for the personnel to be present in records offices so that they can access the information. In an army, new documents are added periodically hence soldiers find an easier time to view such records and recommend changes if there is presence of mistakes in the records.

The army can also upload various documents hence there is no need for one to travel to take the documents to the headquarters. This has clearly saved a lot of expenses that are associated with such documents where the feasibility indicates that it isn’t worth such amount of money. Documents related to the military cannot be sent through the courier because of confidentiality associated with them hence the system offers one with the privilege of uploading the information securely. The timeline that is required to have these documents in place is very satisfying because an upload process is very fast hence ensuring that those depending on the information get the documents on time.

To make use of this system, one is required to have privileges that are accredited to authorized users only. There are various conditions that one is required to satisfy so as to be accredited with the permission associated with the system. To learn more on the system, one can go to this link https://www.hrc.army.mil/TAGD/Army Soldier Records Branch/ASRB which is for ASRB site. ASRB is a records branch for the army. If one has any form of queries then it is best to visit usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.perms-records@mail.mil for enquiries.

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