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What is an ‘Email Only’ Guest account?

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Email-Only Accounts

Some accounts on AKO can be limited to being “email only.” An email only account has access to their AKO mail, Army-wide Announcements, and Army News. Email-Only accounts are restricted because of the access and information that the Army Knowledge Online provides even to sponsored accounts. Any guest account may be made into an Email-Only account at the direction of their sponsor and all transitional full accounts (such as Incoming DA Civilians and Future Soldiers) are limited like this. Utility accounts may also be limited to Email-Only depending on the needs of the account.

If your account is Email-Only then you must log in to the portal directly to manage any of the following options:

  • User Profile Information
  • Changing Your Password
  • Changing Your Security Questions
  • CAC or Certificate Registration
  • Mail Options
  • Vacation Message
  • Changing your Sponsor

Changing Status from Email-Only

Some accounts are mandated to be Email-Only. Certain Utility accounts, transitional accounts, and foreign user accounts must be Email-Only and can not be changed. In these cases Email-Only access is all that is permitted.

If you are a foreign user then your sponsor can submit a Form DD2875 in a digitally signed email to ako.nonus.accounts@us.army.mil to begin the process of upgrading your account.

Some users have transitional accounts, such as Incoming DA Civilian or Future Soldier, and these users will be prompted to upgrade their own account as soon as AKO has been provided personnel database information. This requires the account to have been created with the correct registration information; if you know or suspect that your account has been created incorrectly please contact the service desk.

The rest of the Email-Only accounts are chosen to be Email-Only by their AKO/DKO sponsor. In these cases please contact your sponsor directly for assistance with taking the Email-Only status off your account.

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