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What is ActiveX Filtering in IE 9?

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What is ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer 9?

Internet Explorer 9 includes a feature called ActiveX Filtering, that allows a whitelist style protection scheme. When enabled NO ActiveX Controls are allowed to run, then when you go to a site that requires ActiveX Controls, if you trust the site you can add them to the whitelist. Only websites on the list will be able to run ActiveX Controls.

By default ActiveX Control filtering is disabled in Internet Explorer 9, thus allowing any web page with an ActiveX Control to execute it. To enable ActiveX Filtering go to Tools Menu>Safety and then select the ActiveX Filtering Option.

Now when you go to a website that tries to run an ActiveX Control it won’t be allowed to do so.

To add website to the whitelist click on the Filtered button, that is the little blue circle, and click on the Turn off ActiveX Filtering button. This will add the website to the whitelist so that it can run ActiveX Controls.

You will now be able to use resources that require ActiveX Controls on that whitelisted website.

NOTE: You may need to click to Turn off ActiveX Filtering for the AKO portal address (www.us.army.mil) as well as your preferred webmail version (webmail.us.army.mil , webmail2.us.army.mil , webmail-lite.us.army.mil).

If you want to return your security settings back to the way they were, you can click the button again to Turn on ActiveX Filtering for the web site.

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