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What is a Utility Account?

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A utility account on AKO/DKO is an account that is created to manage resources and communication through a single point of contact on AKO. The typical uses of utility accounts are for shift work, help desk communications, family readiness groups, centralized unit or command email addresses, or special investigative services. Utility accounts are intended for use as these special functions and not as a replacement or supplement to an individual’s personal AKO/DKO account.

Who can get one

Utility accounts require sponsorship so their creation is limited only to users who can sponsor guest accounts; Retiree’s and soldiers in the Individual Ready Reserves can only sponsor family member accounts so they can not apply for utility accounts. Any (non-separated) service member or civilian may apply for a utility account.

What are the regulations for creating Utility Accounts?

Accounts on AKO/DKO have access to Army resources and that requires accountability in case anything happens that requires investigation. In order to maintain this accountability there are regulations for utility accounts as they are not directly tied to an individual.

The utility account must be created as an email only account if more than one user will be working with the account. If account access is ever shared then the account can not have full access to the portal. If your utility account requires full access to the portal then only one person is permitted access to the account.

Utility accounts have naming guidelines to ensure that the function of the utility account is represented in its name. The AKO/DKO has strict guidelines on this and works with utility account creators to determine an account name that best fits their needs and AKO’s regulations.

Naming Guidelines

Utility accounts have a specific set of guidelines that their name must fall under. The general practice is to create an account name that reflects the function and functional area that the account is representing. You will be asked for four organizational areas during account creation.

The “Organization 1” field is for the parent unit or organization (or the Army National Guard State) to the unit or organization that the account will service.

The “Organization 2” field is for the directly supported unit or organization.

The “Organization 3” field is the section that the account will support.

The “Organization 4” field is the description of the actual function of the account.

Example 1:

A personnel officer wants to create an account that can be used to gather all of the OER’s that need to be submitted for their unit. This personnel officer is in the 2nd Stryker Brigade. The 2nd Stryker Brigade’s parent Unit is the 2nd Infantry Division. Entering the appropriate abbreviation in the Organization fields (the longer Organizational fields are filled out in a later step) becomes:

Organization 1 (Parent Unit)2id (2nd Infantry Division)
Organization 2 (Current Unit)2bde (2nd Brigade; under 2id)
Organization 3 (Section)s1 (Personnel)
Organization 4 (Function)oers (Officer Evaluation Reports)
This will create an account with the name:2id.2bde.s1.oers

Example 2:

A military police officer wants to create an account to facilitate the communication in the Homeland Respose Force they’re in command of. This HRF is part of the 49th Military Police Brigade of the California National Guard. Entering the appropriate abbreviations becomes:

Organization 1 (Parent Unit)CAARNG (California Army National Guard)
Organization 2 (Current Unit)49mpbde (49th Military Police Brigade)
Organization 3 (Section)s3 (Operations)
Organization 4 (Function)hrf (Homeland Response Force)
This will create an account with the name:caarng.49mpbde.s3.hrf

How to Register

  1. Log in to your AKO/DKO account.
  2. Open the Quick Links menu and select Create Utility Account
  3. Select the Utility Account option and click Next
  4. You should see your username filled in as the sponsor name
  5. Enter the Organizational User Information as outlined above
  6. The External Address, by default, is the sponsor’s AKO address.
  7. Enter the fully detailed Organizational Information
  8. Create and confirm the password to be used on the account
  9. Create the three security questions
    • Just like a personal account these are used to verify your identity if you need to contact the service desk.
  10. You are brought to your Sponsor Management Console to approve the account
  11. The account is sent to the AKO Project Management Office to begin the review process.
  12. Once the account is approved and you log in for the first time you must fill out the KBA questions.

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