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Webmail: Managing my mail quota

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Your mail quota applies to all of the mail in your account even if they are not in your inbox folder. Email that is in any sub-folder including your ‘Sent’ or ‘Drafts’ folder will count toward your total overall space. Additionally your emails are not fully deleted the first time you delete them; they are sent either to the Trash folder or flagged for deletion (remaining in the same folder).

How to empty your Trash folder

Webmail Classic:

  • Log in to Webmail Classic
  • Click on ‘Manage Folders’ located at the bottom of the folders list.
  • Click on the ‘Empty Trash’ button next to the Trash folder.

If you do not see an ‘Empty Trash’ button then your Trash folder may be empty or you may not have your webmail account configured to use your trash folder. Please use the following steps to enable use of your trash folder.

  • Click on ‘Options’ at the top of the webmail page.
  • Click ‘Settings’
  • Select the option “Move deleted messages to folder.”
  • Select the Trash folder in the dropdown box or a different folder if you prefer.

There is an additional option to allow you to automatically delete mail in your Trash folder when you log out. Now when you delete your mail you should be able to see the ‘Empty Trash’ button described above.

Webmail 2.0:

  • Log in to Webmail.
  • Click on your Trash folder.
  • Select messages to delete permenantly.
  • Click ‘Delete’ on the main tool bar.

Messages Marked for Deletion

There is a second method of deletion security where you mark an email to be deleted and then perform an ‘expunge’ action to delete the email(s) permanently. For more information about this method check Webmail: Manage Email Without a Trash Folder.

Large Emails

Your mail quota is based off of the amount of space the emails take up which includes attachments. You may significantly lower your used mail space by checking your ‘Sent’ and ‘Drafts’ folders for emails that have large attachments and deleting them.

External Clients

You can use an external client such as Outlook to archive your mail so that you can delete the email from Webmail but still keep a backup. For more information about how to configure your AKO/DKO mail for an external client check AKO Mail Client: External Client Configuration.

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