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Webmail: Creating Rules to Manage Your Mail

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Webmail 2.0 has the ability to setup Mail Filters based on the following fields:

  • To
  • CC
  • Recipient
  • Subject
  • From
  • Message Size (kB)

To setup Mail Filters:

  1. Login to Webmail 2.0
  2. Click Options
  3. Expand AKO/DKO Account
  4. Click Mail Filters
  5. Click New Filter (if you wish to edit an existing filter, highlight filter and click edit)
  6. Enter a Filter Name
  7. Select the appropriate Radio button based on how stringent the filter should be enforced
  8. Enter the information
    • First drop-down contains what field should be searched
    • Second drop-down is how to relate to the first
    • Third field is where the information to search would be.
    • For instance, if you wish to move all emails from john.smith set the rule as the following:
      • Box 1: From
      • Box 2: Is equal to
      • Box 3: john.smith
  9. Select ‘Move Message’ or ‘Copy Message’ based on preference
  10. Click Save Filter

If the preference is to move items between certain dates, utilize the received before and the received after options prior to clicking save filter.

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