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Using your CAC with Firefox or Thunderbird

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Forge.mil supplies a Mozilla Add-on that will install your DoD root certificates for Firefox and will also add some additional options for Thunderbird. However, in the most recent versions of Firefox and Thunderbird, the file may not properly install all of the necessary components.

If you have already downloaded and installed the latest dod_configuration.xpi file from Forge.mil in your current version of Mozilla Firefox, or Thunderbird and the CAC reader did not install you may need to manually add the reader. The configuration file may not work with the most recent release of Firefox or Thunderbird.

The steps below will allow you to CAC login to AKO using Firefox, and when done in Thunderbird, will allow digital signatures and encryption.

Verified to work with Firefox and Thunderbird version 8 and below.

How to add a CAC reader to Firefox/Thunderbird

  1. Open Firefox/Thunderbird
  2. Click Tools > Options > Advanced
  3. Click the Encryption tab then click the Security Devices button
  4. In the Device Manager popup window click the Load button
  5. Type “DoD CAC Reader” in the Module Name box
  6. Click the Browse button and paste the following path into the Module filename box:

For 64-bit Windows, use: C:Program Files (x86)ActivIdentityActivClientacpkcs211.dll
For 32-bit Windows, use: C:Program FilesActivIdentityActivClientacpkcs211.dll
Click here for instructions to find out if you have 32-bit or 64-bit Windows
7.  Click OK 3 times to close Firefox/Thunderbird Options

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