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Upgrading from an Email-Only Account

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In order to get your EMAIL ONLY sponsored account switched to a regular sponsored account, you must ask your sponsor to make the change.

Can the Help Desk assist me?

NO. Your sponsor determines your level of access to the AKO/DKO portal, and is the only one who can grant a higher level of access.

My AKO account is an “EMAIL ONLY” account. How do I get my EMAIL ONLY status changed, so I have “STANDARD” (Full) access?

Request the change from your sponsor.

If your account type is Local National or Foreign Officer: Your sponsor will have to complete and submit Form DD2875 in a digitally signed email to: ako.nonus.accounts@us.army.mil

How does the sponsor do this?

The sponsor can do this under the ‘Change Type’ in the Sponsor Management Console (SMC). For more information on how to manage sponsored accounts, check How to manage your sponsored accounts.

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