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Updating the Email Address on your CAC

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I recently changed my AKO/DKO username, which changed my email address. How can I get my email address changed on my CAC?

You will need to update the email address on your CAC if you change the username on your AKO. Your AKO email address is registered to your Common Access Card is used to encrypt and sign your emails even if you do not use AKO email. Some users, such as those who have DKO accounts, have an address other than their AKO email address registered to their CAC and do not need to update their address after a username change with AKO.

You can view and update the email address (and other information) on your Common Access Card at the RAPIDS Self-Service Portal located at:


Follow these steps to update the email address on your Common Access Car

  1. Browse to the RAPIDS Self-Service Portal


  1. Click Sign On
  2. Read the Consent to Monitor and click ‘OK’
  3. Click Log In
  4. Choose your ID certificate if prompted
  5. Enter your PIN if prompted
  6. Underneath the Actions section click Update Email
  7. Select Run when prompted
  8. Enter your new AKO address and confirm it
  9. Click ‘Update’
  10. Review the text and click ‘Yes’
  11. You will receive a notice when your CAC has been updated.

For more information please see the help guide on the RAPIDS Self-Service site by clicking ‘Help’ in the upper right corner of their site.

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