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What kind of tools and services does AKO/DKO offer?

AKO/DKO Tools & Services refer to the section in the top right of the home page that list the broad features of AKO available to you. A brief description of each follows.

  • Email – This is a globally accessible email account you log in to using your AKO/DKO account. For more information about AKO/DKO email Table of Contents: AKO/DKO Email.
  • Files – The files area can be used to share files between any AKO/DKO members across the globe. For more information about the Files area click here.
  • Discuss – This is AKO/DKO’s area for discussions. Use it to talk with other AKO/DKO members about any number of topics.
  • Groups – Groups on AKO/DKO are used to control access and maintain lists of user groups. For more information about Groups click here.
  • IM – AKO/DKO IM can be used to instantly chat with any other AKO/DKO member as well as users of the Navy and Air Force portals. For more information about AKO/DKO IM click here.
  • Forms – The Forms area is an off-site function that uses AKO/DKO for authentication. Clicking on this link will take you outside of AKO to a tool where you can search for and fill out any form you need.
  • Video – The AKO/DKO video page is where users can create video messages and send them to other AKO/DKO users and manage ones that they have created in the past.
  • People – Also known as the White Pages, you can use the People search to find any active AKO/DKO account. For more information on AKO/DKO’s people search Answer ID 260.
  • Help – You can access these and other AKO/DKO help files by clicking on the help button. For more information on AKO/DKO’s help files click here.
  • Logout – Clicking this button will log you out of your account.

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