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The Defense Travel System – DTS

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The government is always looking for ways to make things like travel even easier for both personnel and civilians. This is why the Defense Travel System, known as the DTS, was formed the Department of Defense. It was created to provide an easy to use management system for automated temporary duty travel, cutting down on the processing time and increasing efficiency.

It allows easy creation of authorization for travel, manage your reservations, receive vouchers for cheaper travel and makes payment of deposits much easier. The program was created to be open 24/7 to allow for easy integration with a support team who watch it all the time to keep the automated process as simple as possible.

However, setting up your Defense Travel System can be a little difficult because it is always being updated, and this can lead to some staff being unable to access it or make the most of the features. To make sure you can use the system effectively, make sure you have checked that your computer is;

Using the updated JAVA Application

The Defense Travel System uses a fairly unique application called the “DBsign Universal Web Signer” or the UWS. This is used for signing in securely and also electronically signing any needed documents. However, it only works with the most recent JAVA installations so ensure you visit the Java website and get the latest download for the Operating System of your choice.

Once updated, you should be able to install the UWS software.

Receive your PKI Certificate

Everybody who uses the Defense Travel System must have a Public Key Infrastructure, or a PKI, certificate in order for the system to be able to identify you clearly. Your Common Access Card will have your PKI code on it on the chip of your card.

This means that the UWS application can process you correctly, and for that to happen you need to get a CAC reader. If you are using an Operating System which is not Windows 7 or Windows 8, then you will need to install “ActivClient” which can be provided by your relevant IT department.

If you cannot do this, you can be provided your PKI code by file, which is then loaded by the client rather than requiring a CAC reader.

Inform your DTA

If you are intending on using the Defense Travel System, then you will need to create a profile relevant to your organization. If you have moved to a new organization or have yet to have you account created, then you will be frozen out.

If you contact your Defense Travel Administrator (DTA), then you can have a profile generated. This is usually taken care of when you first join a new organization, but if it is not then you will need to co-ordinate with your DA.

The Defense Travel System offers a simple and effective solution to easy travel management and makes the entire process much easier. The above problems are easily rectified if you can work with your staff and the support team are always available if you need any help from them. They are located on the Defense Travel System website.

There is also a wide range of help about using the Defense Travel System on the website, including manuals and training programs to make the entire process much easier to learn and get to grips with.

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