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Enterprise Email December 14, 2012 Informative No Comments on Spam Mail
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What does AKO/DKO do about Spam Mail?

AKO/DKO is not an enclosed system, and has never been specially protected from spam mail.  As we are an unclassified email system and must allow the use of sending AKO/DKO mail to commercial addresses (such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc…) we are similarly vulnerable to spam mail; as spam mail has nothing unique about it to distinguish it differently from legitimate mail.

We do have a spam filter on our servers that scans emails that have commonalities to known spam systems.  You can assist us in making our spam filters more robust by forwarding any spam mail you receive to the email address: spam.report@us.army.mil.  This will assist us in working toward making AKO/DKO more spam free.

NOTE:  Individual email addresses cannot be blocked, nor can AKO prevent your email address from being ‘spoofed’ (spoofing refers to an email that appears to originate from one source when it actually is sent from another source).

If you wish to view more information about spam mail in general please visit the federal trade commission’s website at http://www.ftc.gov/ and if you wish, you can file a complaint against the persons or companies responsible for sending the unwanted email.

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