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Set up Mozilla Thunderbird with your AKO Directory (GAL)

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How do I configure my AKO/DKO directory (GAL) to work with Thunderbird 3.x?

Use the following steps to configure the Mozilla Thunderbird (version 3.x) mail client, with your AKO directory (GAL)*:

1)     1) Install the DoD Configuration Add-on for Mozilla:

a. Open Firefox and go to www.forge.mil and click the link to Download DoD Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird Add-ons, on the next page click the ‘Learn more’ button under the ‘Download DoD Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird Add-Ons’ heading.

b. Click the ‘Download’ button to install the DoD configuration .xpi file. It should auto-run and install in Firefox. Follow the pop-up instructions.

c. Next, download the file to your desktop by right clicking the ‘Download’ button and select ‘Save Link As’. Navigate to your desktop to find the file.

d. Open Thunderbird go to Tools –> Add-ons. Click the ‘Install’ button and navigate to where you downloaded the .xpi file. Follow the pop-up instructions. Then restart Thunderbird.

2)     2) To integrate the AKO directory in Thunderbird:

a. Go to Tools –> Account Settings and click Composition & Addressing.

b. In the Addressing section, select ‘Use a different LDAP server’ then click ‘Edit Directories’.

c. Click the ‘Add’ button and type a name such as AKO Directory or AKO White Pages.

d. Use the settings below:

i. Hostname: directory.us.army.mil

ii. Base DN: ou=people, ou=army, ou=dod, o=U.S. Government, c=US

iii. Port number: 636

iv. Bind DN: cn=<AKO Username>, ou=people, ou=army, ou=dod, o=U.S. Government, c=US

v. Select User secure connection (SSL)

e. Click ‘OK’ to return to Thunderbird.

*It is recommended you have Thunderbird installed on your computer prior to continuing with this FAQ’s instructions.

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