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SCM SCR331 USB Common Access CAC Smart Card Reader

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The SCM SCR331 USB Common Access CAC Smart Card Reader is a great rectangular device that is compliant with USB CCID. The device is associated with major smart cards which are normally of ISO7816 which regularly exist in a format known as ID 1.

The hardware device is considered to be very suitable for various applications because it consists of a design that is proven. To add up to the features, includes a fold-out stand foot which is also associated with its suitability.

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SCM Micro SCR331 CAC
Microsystems SCR-3310

The product features an on-board flash memory whose main function is to support the functionality of the device. The main functionality of this particular feature includes enabling firmware updates that are seamless and in-field. There are typical applications that put SCM SCR331 USB Common Access CAC Smart Card Reader to use. The many application areas suitable for this device include applications that are used in governments, home usage together with enterprises.

The most typical application areas of SCM SCR331 USB Common Access CAC Smart Card Reader include social security and loyalty programs. Electronic ID, e-Banking, e-Couponing, secure network log on together with gaming activities are the most suitable application areas.

Features of SCM SCR331 USB Common Access CAC

  • Has an integrated foldable stand foot. This is very essential when in use it comes to making it easy for one to insert the card.
  • Powered by SmartOS which comes with various productivity to the device.
  • It is very easy to use where one can install it very easily.
  •  The process involves unwrapping the cable and connecting it to the computer through USB ports.
  • The operating system will recognize the device successfully but if not then one should clearly know that the operating system doesn’t support the device.

After plunging in the card then one can get access to the contents of the card by locating the icon of the reader from “My Computer” window.

Microsystems SCR-3310

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