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Reset a Forgotten CAC PIN

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Reset a forgotten PIN

If you have forgotten the PIN to your CAC or if your PIN becomes locked out you will need to contact your local badging office for assistance. The AKO/DKO service desk does not have the capability to affect your CAC or CAC PIN.

If you need to locate your closest badging office please use the RAPIDS Locator.

Change your PIN

If you know your PIN and can log in to your computer you can change your PIN whenever you want. To do this complete the following steps:

  1. Open your Start Menu
  2. Select ‘All Programs’
  3. Select ‘ActivIdentity’
  4. Select ‘ActivClient’
  5. Select ‘User Console’
  6. Open the ‘Tools’ menu
  7. Select ‘Change PIN’

This will allow you to change the PIN on your CAC whenever you want

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