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PIV Certificate

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PIV Certificate
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The PIV Certificate is an important part of the recent changes to the way the Army organizes itself. Due to the extreme cost of wars, the Department of Defense has come up with many innovative ways to cut costs while also providing a more streamlined and beneficial process to military staff and personnel.

To activate your PIV Certificate, you need to do a few things. First, you need to log into the PIV Authentication area here. On the main screen that you come to, on your home page information along with your ID cards, you will see a section that says ‘Activate PIV’ click this, circled below(please note your system may look different depending on the Operating System you use);

Next, you need to select your identification certificate – it is NOT listed as an e-mail certification, select the one which is the closest to the highlighted option below;

You will then be prompted with a security warning. Ensure that the box which says ‘Always trust content from this publisher/provider’ is ticked and then click ‘Run’;

You will then be taken to the PIV update page, which will give you the opportunity to activate and update your PIV. Click ‘Update PIV’;

Confirm that the details are correct, and then click ‘Yes’ to confirm your authentication;

You will then have to wait a short while as the progress bar nears completion;

Once the process is complete, the screen will inform you of your successful authentication. Click on Home, and then log off or complete any additional tasks you need to do;

If you have any other problems updating your PIV Code, then contact your commanding officer and have the situation resolved.

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