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Not receiving any new email (Mail Quota, Mail Forwarding, Email Alias)

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Why am I not receiving email in my AKO/DKO webmail?

Mail Quota

Please make sure that you are not exceeding your AKO/DKO mail storage quota. All messages regardless of what folder they are in count towards your quota.

The mail system will automatically send a warning message when a user’s AKO/DKO mail account reaches 90% storage capacity. Please check for e-mails that can be deleted and empty your trash after deleting messages. To empty your trash, reference Mail Quota

Mail Forwarding

You will also want to verify that you do not have your AKO/DKO email forwarded to another email address.

From the Portal:

  1. Open the ‘My Account’ menu.
  2. Click on ‘Mail Options’.
  3. Next to ‘Select Delivery Option,’ ensure “AKO Mail (your AKO/DKO email address here)” is selected. If it is not, then you are forwarding your email to another email address. Reference Auto Forwarding AKO/DKO Mail for further information.

To turn Mail Forwarding OFF:

  1. Next to ‘Select Delivery Option,’ click the “AKO Mail (Your AKO/DKO email address here)” button
  2. Click on ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page.*

*Turning off your mail forwarding will not recover the mail that was sent while your mail was set to forward. To retrieve the forwarded emails, you will need to access the forwarded email address that was set up on your email account.

Email Alias

If you are still not receiving your AKO/DKO email, you will want to check into the possibility of an email alias. An email alias is simply a set of email addresses that are linked at a local level, such that when an email is sent from that local system, it is redirected to that local systems address regardless of the original address placed on the email. This will appear as if you have your AKO/DKO mail is set to auto-forward, but it will happen for those particular emails that come from the same site. You must contact your local (or formerly local) system administrator and have them correct or remove the “email alias” that they have set for you.

You can test to see if you have an email alias. Have the person who is sending an email to you that you are not receiving send the email to your email address, but have them put “@mail.us.army.mil” instead of “@us.army.mil”. This will bypass the email alias, if it exists. If you receive the email with the extension “@mail.us.army.mil”, you have confirmed that you have an email alias that needs to be removed.

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