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The web connection to NMCI Outlook Web mail is: https://webmail.nmci.navy.mil/exchange


  1. Connect you common access card to your PC
  2. Plug in your CAC.
  3. Verify whether your system can can read to endorsements on the card
  4. Click on the NMCI message to join
  5. Put in your CAC pin
  6. Put in your certificate
  7. Put in one of the following messages:
    nadsusea first.last client name (East Coast accounts)NADSUSWE first.last client name (west Coast accounts)
  8. Put in your NMCI Outlook Web password
  9. You can call the NMCI helpdesk at 1-866-843-6624
Navy Easthttps://webmail.east.nmci.navy.mil
Navy Westhttps://webmail.west.nmci.navy.mil
Navy Europehttps://owa.eu.navy.mil/owa
NADSUSEA NCIS COI (Navy NCIS)https://webmail.ncis.nmci.navy.mil
NAVSOC / Navy Special Warfarehttps://www.navsoc.navy.mil
PADS (Navy PADS)https://webmail.pacom.mil
PADS (Navy PACOM SMR Users)https://webmail.exceptions.pacom.mil
Navy Medicalhttps://webmail.med.navy.mil

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