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Maximum File Upload Size

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You should be able to upload files up to approximately 1 GB.

Zip files may contain total data up to 2GB. You will receive the following error if the total expanded data exceeds 2 GB: “Virus Scan Errors – Unable to perform virus scan. Please try again later.” This error should only occur when there is a temporary interruption in the availability of the virus scanner. If you receive the error repeatedly despite waiting 15 minutes to try again, please email the help desk to report the problem: help@us.army.mil

We recommend using the FireFox web browser to upload files over 250 MB because Internet Explorer does not return to the folder when the upload is complete on large file uploads.

Large uploads may sometimes fail due to intermittent network problems. If an upload fails, you may try the upload again during off-peak hours (before 08:00 EST, after 5 PM EST).

When the upload progress bar reaches 100%, the virus scan will then take approximately the same amount of time as it took for the upload progress bar to reach 100%. In testing, a 1 GB upload takes 18-20 minutes, but times will vary based on network conditions between your location and AKO.

If you are consistently unable to upload files over 500 MB, please email the help desk to report the problem: help@us.army.mil

File Upload feature

You can drag and drop multiple files from your desktop to the file upload interface.

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