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How do I manage my sponsored accounts? -OR- How do I approve a sponsored account?

Sponsor Management Console

The Sponsor Management Console on AKO/DKO is where full account holders go to manage their sponsored accounts for actions such as initial approval or periodic re-approval. You can find a list of all the things you can do within your Sponsor Management Console as well as the access restrictions it has here on this page.

If you are Retired from the Army or in the Army Individual Ready Reserves you may sponsor only family member guest accounts but you may log in to AKO with your username and password to manage your guests. All other sponsors, including those from Active Duty, Army Reserves, Army National Guard, and Department of the Army Civilians are required to log in to AKO using their CAC to manage their sponsored accounts.


Access your Sponsor Management Console by first logging in to the portal, then opening the ‘My Account’ menu and clicking on ‘SMC’ under where it reads ‘Sponsor Management’.  Here is where you will find your Sponsor Management Console.

Approving Accounts

As the sponsor of a guest account you are required to provide both the initial approval and regular re-approval based on the guest’s account type and verification status. Verified Family Member accounts require re-approval every three years; all other verified guest account require re-approval every year; and non-verified accounts require re-approval every 150 days.

For more information about AKO account verification.

Denial / Rejection

As a sponsor is responsible for the accounts they have authorized sponsors also have the ability to deny access to any account that is under their sponsorship. Sponsors do this by denying or rejecting the account either at the initial request or at any point necessary. Note that even after rejecting an account a guest user can have their account re-activated underneath a new sponsor.

Change Revoke Date

This changes the expiration date of the guest account. This is typically used either for an automatic account deactivation date or to force a re-approval action early.

Change Sponsor

The sponsor of a guest account can change the sponsorship of any of their guests to another user. The potential new sponsor will still need to approve the account.

Change Account Type

If a guest under your sponsorship registered with the incorrect account type or changes their account type, such as changing from a Family Member to a Contractor, you may change their designation here.

Changing to or from Email-Only

Sponsors can elect to restrict their sponsored guests to be Email-Only. You can add or remove this restriction in your Sponsor Management Console.

Sponsor Comment

A sponsor comment is a note that can be placed on any sponsored accounts that can be viewed by the service desk and taken as a valid message from the sponsor. If there are any issues verifying the identity of a guest you may be requested to put a sponsor comment on one of your sponsored accounts.

Inactive Accounts

If an account under your sponsorship expires or is rejected the sponsored account still remains attached to your sponsor management console in case the sponsored account requires management after the expiration/rejection date such as re-approving an old employee or changing their sponsor. If an account expires or otherwise turns inactive under your sponsorship it will move to a special Inactive Account list which you can access by scrolling to the bottom of your Sponsor Management Console and clicking the ‘View Inactive Accounts’ link.

Actions on Multiple Accounts

If you ever need to manage multiple accounts with a single action (such as approving or rejecting multiple accounts at the time of employment or separation) you can do this by placing a check mark in the box next to each user you wish to edit and then perform your action.

Restricted Sponsors

Inactive Reserve soldiers and Retired soldiers are able to maintain guest accounts for their family members and only their family members.  Army Knowledge Online uses the DEERS database to validate both the guest and the sponsor in this case.  This requires both the sponsor’s and the guest’s AKO username to exactly match their DEERS entry where this may not have been necessary before your transition.

If you are a Retiree or an Inactive Reservist and encounter any errors sponsoring your family members for AKO accounts please contact the service desk.

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