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What is the “Low Bandwidth” check box for?

The “Low Bandwidth” check box (Also Known As AKO/DKO Lite) is a lean, light, and fast way to access AKO/DKO’s most popular services. AKO/DKO Lite features links to IM, mail, discussion threads, news headlines, and self-service communities. With its image-free design and concise HTML, AKO/DKO Lite provides immense performance benefits to low-bandwidth users, and at all times, full AKO/DKO is only a click away.

It is possible to switch between AKO and AKO Lite under the Home drop down menu by choosing the Low Bandwidth Mode option.

AKO/DKO Lite Features

  • AKO/DKO Services: IM, mail, discussion threads, white pages, account services.
  • AKO Lite Files: Browse and Download Files only. Full files functionality is not available.
  • Self-Service Communities: All AKO/DKO Self-Service pages.
  • Army Wide Announcements: All Army Wide Announcements are available through the AKO/DKO Lite interface.
  • Early Bird News: The top four Early Bird news articles are displayed on the homepage with a link to view all of the stories.
  • Army News: The top four Army News articles are displayed on the homepage with a link to view all of the stories.
  • Army Communities: A link to AKO/DKO Lite community map is displayed on the AKO/DKO Lite homepage at the bottom of the left navigation to provide similar usability as full AKO/DKO. The AKO/DKO Lite community map provides the same map as full AKO/DKO; however, since AKO/DKO Lite requires less bandwidth, navigation through the AKO/DKO Lite community map is faster. Links to view each community page load the appropriate full AKO/DKO community page.

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