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Locate Other Users (People Search)

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How can I locate other AKO/DKO users?

Are you trying to find another AKO/DKO user?  You can use the AKO/DKO ‘People’ search to search for any currently active AKO/DKO account.  To get to the ‘People’ search:

  1. Log in to AKO/DKO.
  2. Click on the ‘People’ button located on the upper right side of the AKO/DKO homepage.

Within the ‘People’ search you can search for other AKO/DKO users by some basic information such as their first and last name or if you click on the ‘Advanced Search’ located under the ‘Find’ button, you can search the AKO/DKO by account types, service type, rank, etc…

Also with the move to each user having a profile page, you can now search for information that would be contained within the profile.  Now you can attempt to find someone by their interests, qualifications, skills, etc.

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