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Joint Unsponsored Account (JUA)

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How can I receive a Joint Unsponsored Account (JUA) on DKO?

Eligibility for DoD Users to get DKO accounts

Please find the category below that you fall under and follow the instructions.  Request DKO users please contact the AKO/DKO help desk for questions you may have about opening an account in DKO.


DoD Military and Civilian CAC holders

You are eligible for a DKO Joint Unsponsored Account (JUA).  You may complete your account registration via the automated registration process on the AKO/DKO login screen.  To complete the registration process, please follow the steps outlined in the following FAQ:

DKO Account Registration


DoD Retirees

At this time, DoD Organizations (with the exception of the Army) have not authorized their retirees to have joint unsponsored accounts.


“User Not Found”

If you receive the message “User Not Found,” this means your information is not in our authoritative database which is used to validate your information; therefore, you won’t be able to register for an unsponsored DKO account using the automated process currently in place.  Please, contact the AKO/DKO help desk for guidance on how to best resolve your particular situation.


DoD Contractors (not associated with the Army)

DoD contractors can register DKO accounts but they must be sponsored.  If you are a DoD Contractor interested in obtaining a DKO account please contact your DoD (military or civilian) Government Task Monitor (TM), Contracting Officer Representative (COR), or a government representative to sponsor you.  They must have an AKO/DKO account before he/she can sponsor you.  If they have problems getting an account, then they need to contact the AKO/DKO Help Desk immediately.

NOTE:  DKO JUA account holders wanting to sponsor contractors need to know your Service is financially responsible for the contractors you sponsor thus only sponsor contractors supporting your program or organization.


Customers associated with the Army

If you are conducting business or performing functions on behalf of the Army and have an Army sponsor (i.e. someone who is Army Active, Army Civilian, Army Reservist or Army National Guard), you may register for an ArmyKnowledge Online (AKO).  Please follow the steps outlined in the following FAQ: Guest AKO Account Registration

DKO Sponsorship

DKO Joint Unsponsored Account holders are authorized to sponsor ONLY their own contractors supporting DoD.


DKO Family and Friends

DoD Components (other than Army) will be extending DKO accounts to family and friends in the future.  Stay tuned for updates.

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