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This website will help to alleviate confusion regarding the instructions of how toprocess ISOPREP forms using AKO and DKO. As a reminder all personnel that travel OCONUS must finish a DD Form 1833 ISOPREP.

ISOPREP Instructions

FIRST: Go to your AKO Login and create your own personal ako account. You MUST have a CAC account if you want to be a sponsor.

      1. Browse to http://www.us.army.mil
      2. Click the I Accept button.
      3. Click the Register with a CAC button. It’s located in the center of the page under New Users.
      4. Enter your Social Security Number.
      5. Click the Next button
      6. Next, you’ll have to go through the rest of the steps needed to create your AKO account.
      7. After the account is created, log in and go to the top of the browser for your AKO account username.

Once you have created your account, log in and look at the top of the browser bar for your account username.  An AKO Account username is needed to give students because they to need accounts. The AKO accounts should look like firstname.M.lastname.

SECOND: Tell your MIDN that you are going overseas and are creating an AKO account WITHOUT a CAC. Give them your username ako account.

  1. Browse to http://www.us.army.mil
  2. Click the I Accept button.
  3. Under the New Users tab click the Register without CAC button.
  4. Enter your Social Security numbers. Don’t click on any of the radio buttons.
  5. Click the next button.
  6. Click the Army Cadet button then the Next button
  7. Fill in your birth date information then the Next button
  8. Enter your sponsor’s name then the Next button
  9. Select the basic information then the Next button
  10. Fill in your external address (college address typically
  11. Fill in your Organizational Information:
    • NROTCU
    • Address of your NROTC Unit
    • Enter the City, state Zip of your NROTC Unit
    • Fill in the Phone and also the Fax number for NROTC Unit
    • Click “Next”
  12. Create an AKO password. (Click here for tips)
  13. Fill in the three security questions and finally click complete registration.
  14. Tell your Coordinator that your account has been created!

THIRD: Log into AKO using your CAC and verify your sponsored account.

  1. Browse to http://www.us.army.mil
  2. On the My accounts drop down select the Sponsor Management. Click the SMC to go to the Sponsor Management Sonsole.

If you need assistance with ISOPREP, then you will need to contact the ISOPREP Helpdesk. I have provided their contact information below:

Comm: 586-239-3701
DSN: 312-273-3701
SIPR Email: prmsmail@jricp.dia.smil.mil




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