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ISOPREP form instructions from Tech Support

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If you are trying to access the PRO-File system, encountering a white screen error, or being redirected to our JSETS site being asked to “Register your CAC”, please follow the steps below.

Please ensure you are on a .mil or .gov domain computer. PRO-File is not accessible via home or from libraries on base.

1) Clear your Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and Form Data (Tools>Internet Options>Delete Browsing History) and from the same Internet Options select the Content tab and then Clear SSL State.

2) Close all Internet Explorer browsers

3) Re-enter the URL (manually)
https://prmsglobal.prms.af.mil/ prmsconv/profile/survey/survey.aspx

4) When logging on with the CAC select the NON-Email choice.

5) As soon as you return to the form, begin the process by entering the photos prior to entering ANY OTHER DATA. Skip your name and all the fields above Photos.

6) After uploading the photos, proceed to the rest of the form. Please ensure that you do not include any special characters in any fields ( ie. “NA” rather than “N/A”)

7) ONLY do FOUR of the six statements and for any section follow the format of the answer as/if provided.

8) When you click Submit you get the Blue Recommended items. Ignore them and Continue.

9) If you get the Certificate GREAT!

10) If not, click the back browser button twice. You’ll get back to the form now partially filled in. Finish it again and then resubmit as you did before (steps 3-5 only) and when you submit this time it should work.

PRMS/JSETS Operations Support
DSN 312-273-3701
FAX 586-239-3715

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