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Interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System (IPERMS)

IPERMS is a record management system that is normally used by the army of the United States of America. The system is supported online hence its accessibility is very great. Great accessibility comes in where anyone who is authorized can access the system even if he/she is located at a far distance. There is a main objective that led to the existence of this system among the United States’ army. It was formulated to ensure that records pertaining all army divisions are available in this system.

This led to the consolidation of the records that were stored in the system hence very legible for easy access. Many organizations and bodies in the United States have all ensured that they support technology. This step was undertaken because the benefits associated with going online have been realized. The personal records related to all divisions of the Army are stored hence making one to have an easy retrieval of such records. Those serving in the army are also part of the benefactors because the existence of the system has ensured that they get access to the best services in place.

Each and every department including human resource makes use of IPERM hence making the service delivery to be swift and timely. Authorized army staff can make use of the platform that is available on IPERM to access any information that is within the scope. This has eliminated the need of one going to the physical location so as to demand for a file. The files and documents are well arranged such that one has easy time when searching for a particular file/document. The undertakings can be conducted remotely under high security. This is to ensure that the files and documents are for the authorized user eyes only.

IPERM is the safest way to store these records where information pertaining the army will be stored for authorized users only. Previously records were stored in files where anyone could have access to them. The system has incorporated many features so as to ensure the records present in the system don’t land onto the wrong hands. One of the technologies installed is the tracking system whose mandate is ensure that any changes made to the documents in terms of retrieval, importation and exportation are trailed. This is to prevent situations like abuse to the whole process, also this undertaking is very important when it comes to ensuring integrity of the documents.

It has been the best file management system present in the army because this is one place that a lot of files stream in everyday. The system has made this particular division to feel the benefits of technology. A while back, one had to wait for a long period of time for the service which in the end made the person very agitated. There were many requests that the soldiers at the end expected to be fulfilled by the administration. These days these services or enquiries are attended to now and then hence making the morale of men and women to improve greatly.

The platform is very open such that it has support for one to put any query. Customer service can be accessed through usarmy.knox.mbx.perms-records@mail.mil. For one to access more information on the undertakings of IPERM, he she can visit ASRB which stands for Army Soldier Records Branch whose web page is https://www.hrc.army.mil/TAGD/Army Soldier Records Branch/ASRB. There is an alternative site that one can visit for more information at any time of his/her preference. The site is known as S1Net whose URL is https://forums.army.mil/. The site upholds transparency hence one can clearly understand more facts that relate to the record management system, IPERM. For more information check out our What is IPERMS page.


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