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Installing CAC Reader Software

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Installing CAC Reader and Software on Your Home Machine

For the CAC card to service its functions which are to undertake functions such as signing, encrypting emails together with accessing secure web sites. There are series of steps that one is required to undertake. The first step is for one to have the CAC reader connected or installed. The second step is to have ActivClient installed which is a program that enables communication between the CAC card and the reader. The last thing is to undertake installation of the DOD root certificates. These steps should be considered repeatedly because of frequent updates they go through.

The steps involved in installation of the CAC reader include having the device connected to the computer. This proceeds to the installation of the program used by the computer to read the device. The program is normally called the driver and usually accompanies the device when being bought. It is due to this case that one is required to run the setup so as to install the driver. One is required to undertake installation much the same as any other program the computer normally uses. Successful installation will indicate that the program has been installed successful hence completing the first step.


The second step involves installation of the ActivClient program which acts as a middleware at this particular point. If one has an old version of the program then he/she is required to remove it so as to pave way for the installation of the program. The proceeding step involves one putting the compact into the drive and running the setup present in the disc. The setup that one is required to click is the one labelled ActivClient for CAC-PKI Only.msi. One should proceed with the instructions in place which are in default.

The next step is for the use to undertake replacement of the certificate folder where it requires one to first copy the folder named DoD CERTIFICATES present in the disc. The files should be copied in the ActivClient folder that is present in the program files where one is required to overwrite the files if asked in the ActivClient file. The last process of this step is to run the patch where it is located in the Update folder. The file to be run for this particular case is FIXS0711021.msp and proceed with the instruction present in the setup. This particular step completes the second step.

The third step that one undertakes is the installation of DOD root certificates. It is a process that is required to be considered to be done repeatedly because these certificates tend to be updated regularly. The process involves the user putting the CAC card into the reader first before anything else. The preceding step involves one accessing the Internet Explorer where the page to be accessed should be https://infosec.navy.mil. Many tend to forget ‘s’ in the https hence it is very essential to keep note of that.

A page will appear giving details about the security certificate of the website, at this particular stage one is required to click on the option labelled “Continue to this website”. Although it’s indicated not recommended, one is required to proceed because it indicates that the DOD root certificates aren’t yet installed. If one has them then it means that they aren’t updated hence it is of great importance to update them. After continuing, a screen will be shown where it is composed of the certificate. One is required to choose it and click OK. The preceding step will be required for one to undertake the instructions so as to complete the third step successfully. This will ensure that the CAC card undertakes its functions as expected.






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