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I get weird errors when I try to verify my account

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Sponsored Account Database Validation

Sponsored accounts occassionally require validation. Any time a sponsored account user needs to verify their account or any time a Retiree or Inactive Reservist needs to sponsor their family members for an account a database is checked.

In order for AKO/DKO to validate a sponsored account it must check that account against one of our authoritative databases. Family Member accounts are checked against the DEERS entry of their sponsor and all other verifiable guest accounts are checked against the DMDC.

In order for sponsored accounts to be validated their account information must match the database information we are provided. Sponsored accounts have a potential to be created where their account name does not match their database entry; most commonly this is a user registering a nickname in place of their full first name.


If a sponsored user’s account name does not match their database entries, such as in the case of a nickname, then they will receive an error when they attempt to verify or their sponsor will receive an error when attempting to activate their account.

If you are a sponsored user attempting to verify your account and are told that your provided information does not match you may need to have your user name changed to reflect your database entry.

If you are Retired or an Inactive Reservist attempting to sponsor a family member for an account and are told the account needs to be approved in the Admin Sponsor Management console your sponsored user may need to change their user name to reflect their database entry.

Causes and Fix

The guest account creation process does not require validation information and there may be legacy accounts from a period before this requirement so sponsored accounts may have user names that are similar to but do not exactly match their given name as required.

Please contact the service desk to effect a user name change on an account to make it match our database entries.

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