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HTML Won’t Display in Webmail

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HTML content can no longer be viewed in an email within AKO/DKO webmail.

HTML scripts within the body of the email.

AKO/DKO webmail is stripping javascript and placing “This message contained javascript which has been removed by AKO/DKO IAW INFOCON level 3 and 4.” in place of the javascript.

HTML Attachment

AKO/DKO webmail is dropping HTML attachments and replacing them with a text attachment that has “This message contained an html attachment which has been removed by AKO/DKO IAW INFOCON level 3 and 4.” within it.


AKO/DKO webmail started changing hrefs in messages to have blocked in front of the original protocol to prevent the automatic click on links in messages.


Use the following tips below to make it so your links are not changed:

  • Send the message using plain text. AKO/DKO is looking at HTML and hrefs.
  • Digitally sign and/or encrypt the emails using your CAC, or
  • Upload the file within an AKO/DKO folder and give the user access. Then send a link to the document to the person you were trying to send the attachment.

*In accordance with DoD Instruction 8520.02, “Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Public Key Enabling (PKE),” dated May 24, 2011 and JTF-GNO Communications Task Order 07-015 Revision 1 “Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Implementation, Phase 2,” dated April 7, 2008, digital signatures are required on emails containing active links.

For more information on attachments within AKO/DKO webmail.

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