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How to sign forms using your CAC

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Lotus Forms Viewer is required to be installed on a system to open .xfdl file extensions.

Please go to the ‘Quick Links’ drop down menu within your account. Click on ‘CAC’ and then select ‘CAC Resource Center.’

Look for the section called “Signing Forms with Your CAC.”

Click on ‘Lotus Forms (formerly Pure Edge viewer software) ‘. Lotus Forms Viewer is now the current forms program for the Army. This will take you to the Lotus Forms resource page.

You can access this page directly at: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/610886

The Pure Edge Resource page contains the following information:

  • How to load PureEdge
  • How to digitally sign a form or a memorandum
  • Link to the PureEdge FAQs page
  • Link to Approve It installation
  • Link to ActivClient Installation
  • Link to get DA forms

*Note: To access the download of Lotus Forms and Approve It, you must log into AKO/DKO with your CAC.

For questions about the page or software installation, contact the AKO CAC Reference Center team at ako.cac@us.army.mil

The Forms ContentManagement Portal(FCMP) provides assistance with routing, tracking, signing, and management of Lotus forms. Use the following link to access their contact information: https://myforms.ecms.army.mil/wps/myportal

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