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How to make your CAC Certificates available

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How to Clear Your CAC Certificates From Your Browser

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Open the ‘Tools’ Menu
  3. Click ‘Internet Options’
  4. Select the ‘Content’ Tab
  5. Click the ‘Certificates’ Button
  6. Select the certificate to remove
  7. Click ‘Remove’
  8. Repeate selecting and clicking ‘Remove’ for each certificate you wish to remove.

Note that you can select multiple certificates by holding the CTRL key on your keyboard while selecting

How to Register Your Certificates With Internet Explorer

  1. Open your Start Menu
  2. Select ‘All Programs’
  3. Open the ‘ActivIdentity’ Folder
  4. Open the ‘ActivClient’ Folder
  5. Select ‘User Console’
  6. In the window that comes up open the ‘Tools’ menu
  7. Highlight the ‘Advanced’ Sub-Menu
  8. Select ‘Make Certificates Available to Windows’
  9. On the confirmation screen click ‘Ok’ to close

For more information about registering your CAC and other CAC related questions see our CAC Resource Center at: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/241504

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