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How can I verify my sponsored account?

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Verification Process

  1. Log in to AKO; https://www.us.army.mil
  2. Open the ‘My Account’ menu
  3. Click on ‘Account Information’
  4. Click on ‘Verify My Account’
  5. Enter the Information Requested

Note that your account name must match the name provided to us in your records exactly or your account will be unable to verify. For the requirements of verification no nickname of any sort is permitted. To change the name on your account please contact the help desk.

What is verification

Account verification is a status given to guest accounts whose account holder is located in one of our authoritative databases; typically the one either provided by DMDC (for contractors, foreign nationals, or anyone else working for the military) or the one provided by DEERS (for family members). When you verify your guest account your accounts approval period will extend from 150 days for unverified guest accounts to a longer period based on your account type.

Who can verify

Verified Family Member accounts require re-approval every three years. All other verified guest account types are authorized for one year.

Qualifications for verification

The AKO has several databases provided to us that cover the different types of users that are affiliated with the military in some way. For Contractors or Foreign Officers/Local Nationals we use the DMDC (Defense Manpower Data Center). For family members DEERS provides us access to their database.

Many guest accounts do not have the ability to verify as their attachment to the military is limited. Only users who are listed in one of our authoritative databases can verify their account.

Re-Approval Requirement

Verification of accounts only affects the approval period for that account. If an account is verified as part of the account creation process its initial approval will be for the longer “verified account” period. If the account is verified after this initial approval then the account will not have a longer expiration period until the next time the account is approved. A sponsor can force an early re-approval of any of their guest accounts by using the “Change Revoke Date” option in their Sponsor Management Console.

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