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How can I change my AKO username?

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In order to have a username changed on the AKO/DKO system, your AKO/DKO username must be:

  • Different than your legal name, and the name must be reflected in the authoritative database. This typically happens either due to a legal name change, or if somehow your AKO/DKO account was registered with a username other than your legal name. AKO/DKO usernames consist of legal first name, middle initial, and last name separated by periods (ex: first.m.last). To prevent duplicate usernames, a trailing number will be added immediately after the last name. If your name does not reflect this username standard, you can also request a name change.
  • Or over 64 characters long. For further information please click here.

If you do qualify for a name change please contact the helpdesk for assistance.

Unsponsored Accounts

If you have an unsponsored account, your information must be updated with your personnel office first. The AKO/DKO help desk will not be able to change your username until your new name is listed within the correct Personnel Database.

Sponsored/Guest Accounts

If you have a guest account, you will need to have your name updated within DEERS or DMDC (Defense Manpower Data Center: database maintained by CAC office).  For contractors, your name will need to be updated within the CVS (Contractor Verification System).

How the Username Change Works

Once the Helpdesk Agent requests your name change, your username change will be processed in the next system reconciliation. Your current username will remain in effect until this reconciliation takes place. Once that happens, you will receive an email in your non AKO registered email address letting you know the change has been made.


Once your username has been changed, all mail from your previous account will be automatically transferred to your new account for 90 days. After 90 days, the sender will receive a Mail Delivery Failure message. Your existing mail and contacts will transfer to your new account. Please note that this can take up to 24 hours to transfer. In addition, all of your group memberships and rights within the files section and page will transfer as well. At this time, AKO/DKO IM contacts will not be transferred.

Full Accounts

Email will be forwarded from the original email address to the new email address automatically for life. This will prevent mail from being missed. At this time, the ability to disable this feature is not available.

If you use your CAC to sign/encrypt emails, you will need to update your email address, signature certificate, and encryption certificate after you change your AKO/DKO username. For more information please check UPDATING THE EMAIL ADDRESS ON YOUR CAC.

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