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Home Use Program

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Home Use Program
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The Home Use Program

For millions of employees and military personnel, the Microsoft Home Use Program allows them to use many of the Microsoft products, including Microsoft Office and HUP Webmail at low, affordable prices.  The Home Use Program has been in existence for years and has allowed millions of people access to computer programs.

For military personnel, the Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP) offers an inexpensive program that allows members of the military to access the latest advances in Microsoft programs. Thanks to a simple download,  the same software that is available on their computers at work is also now available for home use as well.

What is the Home Use Program?

Essentially, the Home Use Program is designed to increase employee productivity and assist military personnel as well. The program is designed to help accelerate the familiarity with Microsoft programs and products, which allows more work to get done while improving the overall skill and knowledge of those who use these programs.

For military personnel, the Microsoft Office software is a mere $20, a fraction of what it would cost to purchase at retail stores. This is possible because the buying power of large organizations such as the military allow for such cost reductions.

The Origin of HUP

HUP, otherwise known as the Home Use Program, has allowed military to pool the resources of over 2 million of its personnel, both active and reserve, to essentially leverage their buying power. This allowed for the HUP program to be

In 2008, the HUP Webmail and general Home Use Program was made available to Navy personnel, including Reserve forces. By December, 2012, the Army and Air Force joined in the program and expanded it to all military personnel.

The HUP Webmail program allows for easier email communication between all military personnel and their families who use these programs as well. Such integration allows for quicker, easily and less confusing communication.

For military personnel, purchasing Microsoft software can be done through their email system. All that is needed is the personal military email address and Program Code. This will allow you to purchase the software through the proper channels and enjoy the savings as well.

Benefits of the HUP Program

There are many benefits from using HUP Webmail and other programs that are provided in this package. However, the benefits go beyond the Microsoft programs that are being offered at a reduced rate.

HUP Webmail E-Learning

Over 1000 hours of self-paced training courses are available on Microsoft Office. This allows for those who may have little in the way of computer knowledge to develop their skills and become more proficient at what they do.

Improve Work Efficiency

Because the same Microsoft systems are available at home and work, this allows for employees or military personnel to improve their skills and knowledge even while surfing the internet, answering their HUP Webmail or engaging in other computer activities at home.

Reduced Purchase Price

The Home Use Program allows for a much cheaper price to purchase Microsoft software, allowing for those in the program to expand their skills and knowledge while enjoying different programs that qualify under the HUP system at prices at a fraction of the retail cost.

The Home Use Program has been a success for both civilian and military personnel thanks to the advanced software options, low cost and overall integration of home and work computer systems.

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