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Help with my DA Photo

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DA Photos are supported by Human Resource Command, specifically DAPMIS (Department of the Army Photo Management Information System). The AKO portal does not provide maintenance or support for this service. The following information is provided as a courtesy for AKO users.

If you are unable to access, approve, or reject your photo, do the following:

  1. Clear Cookies, Temporary Internet Files, and SSL State on your computer. For IE browsers, go to: Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Browsing History -> Delete; and Tools -> Internet Options -> Content -> Clear SSL State
  2. Close all internet browsers, and open a new browser
  3. Login to AKO using CAC
  4. Is the photo is now accessible? Approve or reject the photo.
  5. If the photo is still not accessible, please contact DAPMIS:DAPMIS@conus.us.army.mil

For all DA Photo related assistance, the DAPMIS FAQ can be located here:https://knoxhrc16.hrc.army.mil/dapmis/FAQ.jsp#soldiers

Direct link to DAPMIS: https://knoxhrc16.hrc.army.mil/dapmis/ImageAcceptProlog.do

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