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Due to the variability with the configuration of a personal handheld device the AKO/DKO helpdesk cannot provide direct support with its configuration; please refer to your vendor’s instructions on how to configure your device. We have included links to some popular handheld devices below for your convenience. We have also included instructions on configuring your mobile device for AKO instant messenger.

Configuration Information

When configuring your handheld device you will have at least one of three ways to retrieve mail to your device. Either your phone will natively support the mail transfer method we use (IMAP) or it will support an application that has IMAP support or it will retrieve email through what is called an email aggregator. Currently AKO/DKO email can be delivered only to devices through IMAP.

IMAP Configuration


  • Server: imap.us.army.mil
  • Port: 993 (this server requires the client to connect via SSL)


  • Server: mailrouter.us.army.mil
  • Port: 465 (this server requires the client to connect via SSL)

Email Aggregator

An email aggregator is a service that can combine multiple email boxes. This is how Blackberries deliver their email to their devices and email services such as Yahoo or Gmail offer the ability to pull external email into them acting as a mail client.

Unfortunately using an email aggregator such as these creates a security risk to AKO/DKO and your account as it creates a condition where your username and password credentials would be sent external to Governmental control. Army regulation 25-2 (paragraph 4-5a8) also prohibits the automatic forwarding of official mail to non-official accounts for this reason. To mitigate this risk on 25 February 2008 AKO/DKO blocked these sites from being able to pull email from IMAP.

For more information about how to configure AKO/DKO mail with an external email client AKO Mail Client.

Please note that the information presented to you below takes you outside of the AKO/DKO help files. These are links directly to the vendor so AKO/DKO will be unable to assist you with issues that you may have regarding their site or the information they give you.


The software used on blackberry devices is potentially different for each device and each carrier of that device so please check your vendor’s site for specific information on how to configure your Blackberry for IMAP access. Please note that Blackberries often guide you toward using their email aggregator to deliver mail and that this is not permitted with your AKO email.


The following link will give you instructions on how to enable and use IMAP with Android’s built in email application. If you are using a different app please consult the instructions for that program.



Configure your iPhone 3G for AKO/DKO mail

Vendor email troubleshooting can be located at: http://www.apple.com/support/iphone/mail/

Windows Phone

Information for configuring your windows phone with external server settings can be located under the configuration for Microsoft Exchange at the following link.


Instant Messenger on Mobile

AKO Instant Messenger has the capability to connect to any Jabber (brand name) or XMPP (connection type) client either on your PC or on your mobile device. Please use the following settings to configure your Jabber or XMPP client.

  • Jabber ID: Your AKO Email Address
  • Host Server Name: xmpp.us.army.mil
  • Port: 5223
  • Resource: AKO Chat (or) AKO IM
  • SSL: Set to be required

Please note that AKO Instant Messenger is enabled so that you can connect to it from multiple locations simultaneously. In order to determine the priority level that a particular client has with regards to receiving new messages AKO IM uses a number scale for priority with 1 being the lowest priority and 10 being the highest. By default the Facebook-style IM client has its priority at 5; if you set your external client higher than 5 then new IM’s should go to it if you are logged into both at the same time.

For more information about AKO Instant Messenger please visit our internal IM page at: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/179

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