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If you are a service member with any of the following statuses you are entitled to an account on AKO that does not require sponsorship and has the ability to sponsor other users for accounts as well as other access privileges relating directly to your specific status.

Active Duty
Active Duty Army
Active Duty Air Force
Active Duty Marine Corps
Active Duty Navy
Active Duty Coast Guard
Department of the Army Civilian
DoD Civilian
Air Force Civilian
Marine Corps Civilian
Navy Civilian
Coast Guard Civilian
NAF Civilian
Army Reserve / Individual Ready Reserve
Air Force Reserve
Marine Corps Reserve
Navy Reserve
Coast Guard Reserve
Army National Guard
Air National Guard
Army Retired
Future Soldier
ROTC Cadets in MS III and MS IV
Public Health Services*
* – Public Health Service members are entitled to accounts on AKO that are “Full” accounts in every way except that they can not sponsor guest accounts.

DKO / Joint Unsponsored Accounts

AKO/DKO supports full accounts for all of the listed service personnel. A full account status means that your account will not expire as long as you remain attached to the military (or retire from the Army/Department of the Army) and you have the capability to sponsor non-attached people for accounts on AKO/DKO. The capabilities of AKO and DKO accounts are the same but registering for a DKO account requires a CAC instead of it being merely optional. This is a validation requirement as AKO/DKO is primarily an Army function we do not have access to the same amount of information that we have for Army users. For more information about registering for a Joint Unsponsored Account please see DKO ACCOUNT REGISTRATION.

Dual Status / Multiple Accounts

Some people in the service of the military might have more than one official status. This is most often a combination of a Reservist/Guardsman or Retiree with civilian work such as Army civil service or Army contract work. AKO accounts can reflect this dual status so that you have all the proper access required.

If you already have an account with a single status and later change status or assume a new role as a dual status individual then your account will update to reflect this except in two cases. The first is where your information has not (or has not yet) been updated in the database we read from; we require your information to be updated from an authoritative personnel source and your account cannot change until this has occurred. The second is if you fully change statuses from a single full account type to a single guest account type (such as Active Duty to Contractor); in this case the help desk will be required to affect the change on your account.

How to Register

  1. Browse to the portal; https://www.us.army.mil/
  2. Read the agreement then click the ‘I Accept’ button.
  3. If you have a CAC, click ‘Create Account with CAC’ and enter your PIN if prompted.

If you do not have a CAC but are eligible for a unsponsored account please select the ‘I don’t have a CAC/PIV’ tab and then the ‘Create Account’ button. Please note that DKO accounts require CAC registration.
4. Enter your Social Security Number or Foreign Identification Number
5. Enter your Date of Birth and PEBD / SCD — For information on how to locate this see WHERE CAN I FIND MY PAY ENTRY DATE/SERVICE COMP DATE?
6. Enter your personal information if it is not automatically filled in.
7. Enter an External Email Address (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.)
8. Enter the contact details for your unit or organization including your phone number.
9. Enter a password and confirm it by entering the password again.
10. Choose your three security questions and provide the answers.
11. Your registration is complete! You may print the confirmation screen for your records.
A full unsponsored account will be active in approximately 20 minutes. If you are unable to log in to your account after this time please contact the helpdesk.

Required Information


Your SSN is required to register for a full account if you have one. If you have a Foreign Identifier Number then you will need to enter this as well.

Date of Birth

Your date of birth is required to validate your identity.

Pay Entry Base Date / Service Computation Date

Your Pay Entry Base Date or Service Computation Date is a date that would mark your entry to service as if your whole time was a single block. If you joined and never left the service your PEBD/SCD would simply be your join date. If, for example, you left service for six months and then rejoined and haven’t left again your PEBD/SCD would be your original join date plus six months. For more information please read WHERE CAN I FIND MY PAY ENTRY DATE/SERVICE COMP DATE?.

External Email Address

Your external email address is what AKO uses to contact you outside of AKO. This might be to assist you with accessing your account if you lose your credentials or to send you newsletters or other important information. You may elect to not fill an external email address in this field but if you do not it will be more difficult for you to get help with your account as you are then required to call the help desk if you need assistance.

See EXTERNAL/REGISTRATION EMAIL ADDRESS for further information about your external email address.


Please see AKO PASSWORD REQUIREMENTS for AKO’s password complexity requirements.

Contact Information

The only required field here is your phone number. This should be your work or desk number and not a personal one as it will be displayed in your profile. You should also enter the information for your unit or organization (unit information is typically for soldiers and organizational information is typically for civilians) so that people will be able to locate and identify you easier in people searches.

Security Questions

Your security questions are an additional layer of security and may be used by the portal or help desk to validate your identity.ccounts other than a Full AKO account

There are two broad types of accounts on the Army Knowledge Online; guest accounts and full accounts (which may be referred to as sponsored or unsponsored accounts respectively). Guest accounts are more restricted than full accounts but still allow access to important information and communications abilities. To learn more about guest accounts please visit GUEST ACCOUNT REGISTRATION.

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