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What are the different settings for a folder?

When creating a folder, there are three security settings that can be set. They are:

  • Registration – “How will users of this folder be chosen?”
  • Discoverability – “Should items in this folder be returned in search results?”
  • Change Approval – “How will user changes to this folder be handled?”


You can choose how the user will be added to the folder.

  • They can either be added individually or by a group from the administrator.
  • Or if the information can be available to anyone with an AKO/DKO account, you can make it where a user can register for the folder and gain read access only.

The second choice should only be used if the information can be seen by anyone.


This allows you to allow or restrict the folder from appearing when users search for content within the portal. People with access to the folder will be able to search for it.

If the folder is located within a files community, the folder can always be found by going into the files community but the user’s will not have access to the folder if the registration is set to where administrators choose who has access to a folder.

Change Approval

Authors have the right to read and upload information to the folder. But if the Change Approval is set to have administrators to approve or reject every change, this will allow the administrators to review the information to make sure that is should be within the folder. If the Change Approval is left open, the documents that are uploaded won’t need the administrator’s approval.

CAC Protection

When creating a folder in Files, the security settings will default to CAC only if the user who is creating the folder is a CAC holder. However, you have the option to set the folder to not be CAC protected during the folder creation. After the folder is created and you would like to change the CAC protection setting, follow the instructions below:

  1. Logging into AKO/DKO.
  2. Locating the folder.
  3. Hover over the folder’s name.
  4. Click on ‘Administer Folder’.
  5. Click on the radio button ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ next to Should this folder be CAC Protected
  6. Click Submit

Here you can choose if you would like the content to be CAC protected or not. CAC protected content will have a red asterisk next to its name.

Change Folder Administrators

The Files area has a new link to change folder administrators which is a new feature that enables adding and removing admin users from multiple folders at one time.

Change a Point of Contact (NEW as of 26 Sept 2012)

In the AKO Files area the listed Point of Contact is the selected Author or Administrator who users should contact for issues. A Point of Contact can be selected in the Users/Groups section of the folder in question.

Hover your mouse pointer over the folder you wish to change.

Open the Administer Folder flyout menu.

Select Users/Groups

You should see the new POC tab where you can add Authors and Administrators and select one as the Point of Contact.

** Note ** The Point of Contact for a file will be the user who uploaded the file or the user that most recently updated the file.

Update Security Settings

You can change the security settings of a folder as any time once it has been created. To view further information on how to change the AKO folder’s security settings.

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