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File Upload Does Not Complete

Enterprise Email February 18, 2013 Informative No Comments on File Upload Does Not Complete
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In the Internet Explorer (IE) web browser, when a user uploads a file larger than 250 MB, IE will not automatically send you to the folder when the upload completes as it normally does for a smaller file. Instead, this is what happens when you upload a file over 250 MB in Internet Explorer.

  • The progress bar completes and shows the “waiting for virus scan” message.
  • The progress bar will remain on screen. You can close it as soon as it shows 100%.
  • After approximately the same amount of time it took the progress bar to complete, the file will be fully uploaded.
  • After enough time has passed to complete the upload, go back into the folder. Your document should appear.

In the FireFox web browser, the behavior on uploads up to 1 GB is usually the normal behavior for small uploads.

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