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File and Folder Security Settings

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File administration options

On AKO you have a number of available options as a file administrator. You can change the security for a file or folder, move or delete that file or folder, and obtain usage statistics for a particular file or folder. To access any of these options first browse to the listed file or folder you wish to obtain deatils from, move your mouse pointer over top of the link to that file or folder, and then select the ‘Administration’ sub-menu from the fly-out menu that appears. Depending on if you are accessing a file or a folder you will have slightly different options.

Folder options

Access Rules
This allows you to re-select the access rules selected when you created the folder. The options available to change are; read-only auto approval capability, search restriction, and change authorization. There is also an option to apply these settings to the folders underneath it as well.
Allows you to move a folder to another folder or container inside AKO. You must be an administrator of the destination folder as well as the source folder to complete this action.
This menu option allows you to delete a folder. You will only be able to delete a folder if it is completely empty, which includes emptying any expired files from this folder.
Users / Groups
This menu option will bring an administrator to a tabbed list of users who have access to the folder. The tabs are separated by access level (i.e. Read Only or Admins) and allow you to manage who has access to the folder and what level access they have. The final tab, Add Users & Groups, allows you to search both for individual users and for AKO groups to add them to the permissions of your folder.
File Expiration
This menu item will list all of the files that have expired for the folder and allow an administrator to change the file expiration period using the text box at the bottom of the screen.
Change Approval
If the folder’s security is set to ‘high’ or ‘custom’ (with “Change Approval” set to yes) then an administrator of the folder must approve any changes to that folder. This menu option is where you approve those changes.
Designate as non-FOUO
An FOUO folder requires a user to be logged in to AKO with their CAC to view the folder’s contents. A non-FOUO folder allows its contents to be viewed if a user is logged in with just their username and password.
Clicking ‘Audit’ displays a list of all the changes made to a folder or its permissions including a name of the user who made the change and the date & time the change occurred on.

File Options

This option allows you to move a file to another knowledge center that you have administrator rights for.
This option allows you to delete the file.
This option allows you to see who uploaded a file.
This option allows you to see who downloaded a file.
This option allows you to move the file to ARIMS, the Army Records Information Management System.
Add to Featured Files
This option will add the file to the Featured Files area for a knowledge center.

For further information about how to manage your knowledge center visit our AKO Training and Tutorials page located at: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/139150

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