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What is the external/registration email address? How do I update my registration email address?

External / Registration Email Address

What is it?

Your external/registration email address is what AKO uses to contact you outside of AKO.  It is a requirement during registration that you enter an external email address.  Sensitive personal information may be sent to this address so ensure that it is an address only you control.

When is it used?

Your external email address is used by AKO to contact you outside of AKO itself.  Most often it is used to send notifications or newsletters to you or for you to retrieve account information such as a forgotten username.

How can I change it?

To update your external email address follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the AKO portal.
  2. Click the ‘My Account’ menu option.
  3. Under the ‘Mail Preferences’ heading click ‘Mail Options’
  4. Enter the new external email address.
  5. Click Submit.

[Note]: If your account type requires a CAC session to change your password you will also need to log in with your CAC to update your external email address.

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