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Error: “Violation or Non-Viral Threat Found”

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Reasons to receive this error:

  • You are uploading a .zip file where the total content when expanded would exceed 2 GB.
  • Your file has been identified by the scan engine as containing some potential threat that is not technically a virus, or the file is being blocked because it cannot be scanned because the scan engine cannot open the file to scan it. File types that will get this error include:
    • Split zip files (.zip, .z01, .z02…) – The scan engine blocks some files produced by the WinZip split zip function. Possible workaround:
      • We have increased the file size that can be uploaded, so you may be able to upload single zip files rather than splitting the file.
    • .txt files contain email – If the txt file contains an email and begins with the email header (From: To: etc), this causes scan engine errors. Adding a line above the email header contents with some character in it (any character other than a space), enables the scan engine to process the file.
    • .zip files that contain very large files (over approximately 400 MB) – If the zip file contains a very large file, a defect in the scan engine software is causing it to see the zip file as malformed. Workarounds are to directly upload the large file if it is under approximately 1 GB, or to put the data from the large file into multiple smaller files and then zip the smaller files.

If you are receiving this error, and your file is not of the type described above, please contact the help desk via email to report the problem: help@us.army.mil

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