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Error: “Unverified Signature”

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What does it mean when there is an attachment that says “Unverified Signature”?

A signature attachment on an email is a method of verifying that the identity of the sender is valid.  It is your assurance that the person sending you the email is who they say they are.

Unverified Signature

If you open an email and see “Unverified Signature,” then you likely do not have this feature enabled in your webmail.  To learn more about enabling this feature (called S/MIME) please Digitally Signing and Encrypting Emails.

You can still read the full email sent to you even without this feature enabled but you will not be able to verify a person’s signature to ensure its validity.

All notifications from AKO will be digitally signed so that a user can identify the notification as authentic and from the AKO/DKO portal.

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