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Error: “Message Fails DKIM Verification”

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Why am I receiving email with the subject: “[AKO Warning – Message fails DKIM verification]”?

This error usually happens when there is a carriage return in a message without a line feed. The AKO mail system tries to correct and causes a failure message.

Most of the time, this error occurs when you forward a message that has been forwarded to you, as opposed to forwarding a message originally sent to you.

You may need to delete some of the message history in your email in order to pass a forwarded message on to another recipient.

Another Possibility:

The message may indicate the email server sending the message failed Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) verification. This is an indication the sending email server is being spoofed or is mis-configured. In either case, you should be suspicious of the message and contact the sender to verify that the message is authentic.

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