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Error code 500 fix

Enterprise Email February 22, 2013 Enterprise Email 4 Comments on Error code 500 fix
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To Fix error code 500 follow these instructions:

  1. Use internet explorer. You can not use chrome or other browsers.
  2. Browse to Tools > internet options > security >trusted sites > add this site: “https://*.mail.mil
  3. Click close
  4. Go to the “advanced tab”. Go to bottom. Click on the checks for “use SSL 3.0” and “use TLS 1.0”
  5. Make sure there are not checks for “Use SSL’s or Use TLS’s”
  6. Close window
  7. Close Internet explorer
  8. Reopen and type in this address “https://web.mail.mil” click “ok”
  9. Click “dod EMAIL certificate”
  10. Enter pin > click “add to favorites” > select time zone > Go to the link you will have to select dod email certificate

You’re done. The next time you log into the favorites link you it will work.

For additional help call 866 335-2769 (preferably after 1800 hrs Pacific Coast time)

  1. Click option 2
  2. Click option 2


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