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Error: “Access Denied” when clicking ‘Email’

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Why am I receiving an “access denied” error?

An “access denied” error when you press the email button within your AKO/DKO account means your computer is probably running Windows XP Service Pack 2. This Service pack has known errors with redirects. Why does this affect you? When you press the email button in your AKO/DKO account, you are redirected to your AKO/AKO webmail.

Is there a way I can still get to my AKO/DKO email?

YES. Instead of pressing on the email button, you will need to go directly to AKO/DKO webmail. You can do this by entering https://webmail.us.army.mil or https://webmail2.us.army.mil in the url line of your internet browser. You will need to login to webmail. When you see the screen that states “You will be forwarded to the webmail page in a few seconds. If you are not, then please click on the link below,” click on the blue “AKO Webmail” link.

How do I know what Service Pack my computer is using?

If you right click on the “My Computer” icon on your computer screen, and go to “Properties,” the General Tab gives the details of the System. At the bottom of the System information will be the Service Pack your computer is running.

Where can I find more information about this error?

You can go to the Microsoft Support page covering this error:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/889386

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